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You’re very welcome to Mineralien und mehr [Minerals and more], opposite the Dom [Cathedral] in Aachen.

In our specialist store "Meilen-Stein", which is situated in the heart of Aachen right by the Cathedral, you can take a look around in a quiet and relaxed atmosphere and be inspired by the world of precious stones.

Quality and customer service are considered to be essential features of our business, and your satisfaction comes first!

In our store, you'll find both value-for-money and products of considerable value such as:

  • minerals and precious stones (large selection of agate, alexandrite, amethyst, aquamarine, crystallised quartz, fluorite, granite, kunzite, moldavite, opal, rose quartz, tourmaline)
  • fossils ( e.g. ammonites, belemnites, dinosaur eggs, goniatites, shark teeth, shell trilobites, fossilised wood)
  • Animal engravings (e.g. horses, donkeys, dogs, cats, pigs, bears, dragons, frogs, turtles, dinosaurs, birds, dolphins, elephants, tigers, lions, unicorns)
  • massage wands and hot stone massage stones, Joya massage rollers
  • a variety of fancy goods made from stone (watches, book ends, stone slices, gold and silver in flacons)
  • a very large selection of pendants (mounted in silver, with an eyelet and drilled),
  • exquisite stone necklaces, colliers and bracelets in the rarest varieties of stone,
  • healing stones (over 400 types of drum-stones and hand flatterers for precious stone therapy),
  • relaxing stone lamps made from rock salt and semi-precious stones,
  • fascinating indoor fountains (permanent display of around 35 stone fountains),
  • individual Swarowski leaded glass products for the window and also feng shui products such as mobiles, pendants, posters …
  • accessories (bases and stands made from plexiglass, LED-bases
  • and much more...


We attach particular importance to providing a one-to-one advisory service when it comes to stones. A competent team will be happy to answer your questions and see to your needs in both German and English. If you are not familiar with the area, feel free to make use of the convenient route-planner which we have included and which will help you to find us quickly. We wish you a stimulating and informative visit to our website. The remaining pages are available in the German language only; one click on the XY-link ( not yet defined) will initiate the translation of the page in question in the language you have chosen.

We look forward to your visit!


Fischmarkt 8
(Ecke Rennbahn am DOM)
52062 Aachen


Montag bis Freitag:
10.00 bis 14.00 Uhr und 15.00 bis 18.30 Uhr
(Mittagspause 14.00 - 15.00 Uhr)

Samstag: 10.00 Uhr bis 17.00 Uhr